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Safety training courses in accordance with OSHA

Osha Software - Safety training

In this section, you find our portfolio of training courses according to the standards of the Occupational Health and Safety Administration. OSHA’s mission is to ensure safe working conditions for working men and women by setting and enforcing safe working standards.

Secova training courses are developed and designed by experts, according to educational aspects and regularly kept legally compliant. You can choose from a variety of 100 training courses – ranging from abrasives, fire protection up to solvents and waste.

In addition, we also have a selection of Spanish language training courses that are 1:1 translations from the US versions. The number of training courses is steadily increasing.

You are missing a training course? Feel free to contact us regarding Occupational Health and Safety Administration.

sam® is a fully integrated EHS Management solution that helps you keep your employees safe, streamline operations and simplifies regulatory compliance through audit proof records.

More OSHA Content:

The intuitive and simple user experience is industry leading and makes sam ® the choice of over 2.6 million users across the globe. Every employee of your company will have direct access to all relevant data via the browser- and the sam® mobile app. No training required.




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sam® by secova is the leading EHS solution on the market in terms of technology, usability and functionality.

In all matters relating to OSHA, EHS, HR, QM – with sam you have the perfect tool for almost all situations and tasks.

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