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sam® EHS Manager App

OSHA management and training software online

sam® EHS Manager App from secova: Occupational health and safety – always mobile in your pocket!

With our App, the sam® EHS Manager of secova, you have the perfect electronic assistant in your hand. Capture situations directly on site and save yourself tedious, subsequent post-processing at the workplace. All data is always secured in your sam® instance in an audit-proof manner.

Would you like to record situations within the company directly from your smartphone?

The classic paper clipboard or notebook is still standard for many people – whether for inspections, audits or on-site meetings.

Use the sam® EHS Manager to gather the important information on-site, i.e. a measure including photo function, and assign it immediately on the spot. If requested, sam® will automatically gather locations, responsibilities, etc. and save the information (audit-proof) in the sam® central data base.

Advantage: It saves the tedious post-processing at the workplace.

There is no easier way!

Always use the relevant information in real time via the app!

Just imagine that there is an app always showing the most important EHS information at all times.

The sam® EHS Manager will support your EHS efforts. The app recognizes your location via QR code or iBeacon and will show you the most relevant operating instructions or safety data sheets for the particular location you are in.

Additionally, related to your location, you can submit ideas, review upcoming inspections or conduct training courses with the app.


Please visit our sam® App website at:


or download the mobile native app:


Questions regarding the sam® EHS Manager App

Our sam® EHS Manager App is not only designed for managers. Depending on the respective authorization, a multitude of functions are available for everyone. From mobile training course conduction to recording of photo measures and audits/inspections – the app always helps you.

Who can use the app?

QR Code and iBeacon help you to call and record relevant information. Almost every object in sam® can be linked with an iBeacon or QR code. Like this, by scanning the QR code the information is available exactly where you need it.

How do QR code and iBeacon help?

A huge advantage of the app – it always communicates with your sam® system and is not a stand-alone solution on your smartphone.

Does the app communicate with my sam® system?

During the development of the app we attached great importance to offline functionalities. If you capture situations offline, they will be synchronized with your system the next time you receive WIFI or mobile network.

Are there also offline functions in the app?
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