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Corona-Virus / Covid-19 E-Learning,
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Corona-Virus / Covid-19

Every day we hear about the new coronavirus and the status of its worldwide spread. Events are being cancelled and many people are already in quarantine…

But how can I protect my employees from this? What exactly do my employees need to know.

How do I instruct my employees on the Covid-19? Does sam® have a solution for this?

Yes, in sam® the original topic portfolio includes the topics “Infection Protection – Useful Information”, “Hand Washing – But Correctly!”, “Coronavirus – Working Safely during the New Normal” and “Face Mask – Proper Placement”.

What support does sam® offer in times of the Corona Pandemic?

The secova team has been supporting health protection with suitable aids since the beginning of the pandemic.

In addition to general topics on infection protection and the recommended protective measures described there, you have access to a large number of additional instructions.

For example, a training on the correct use of face masks has recently become available and the secova editorial team has also reacted to the published occupational safety standards of the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs.

Use the appropriate topic to raise awareness of the rules of conduct during the pandemic. A checklist for managers is also available immediately for our app, the mobile sam® EHS Manager.

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