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OSHA Face Mask - Proper Placement


Content of this sam® mini topic:


What to think about when wearing a face mask?

How everyone can protect themselves and others through proper use.

The face mask has become a daily companion in our everyday life due to the Corona pandemic. In public buildings, but also everywhere where “keeping your distance” is not always possible or is not sufficient on its own, it is compulsory to wear it.

However, it can still be observed that individuals behave incorrectly when wearing face mask.

In order to be able to protect oneself and one’s fellow men really better, it is necessary to adhere to some principles.

Exactly this knowledge can be imparted to your employees by sam® with its training system – both at the workplace and in the home office.

An effective effectiveness check verifies whether they have really understood everything and can now behave more safely.

What principles should be observed before putting on a mask? How is the face mask correctly put on and fastened and then optimally adjusted to the wearer’s own face? What applies to taking off the mask? And how should community masks be used? – With the browser-based sam® training software, you can always keep your employees up to date with the latest information and demonstrably fulfill your obligation to instruct them.

Questions about mouth protection and the sam® training system

Definitely – and even demonstrably so. Whether you want to assign new instruction topics due to changed rules and regulations or update risk assessments: All this can be done with just a few clicks and is then documented in an audit-proof manner.

Can an EHS software improve occupational health and safety even in times of Corona?

Yes, this is possible with the sam® EHS Manager, our app for mobile use on smartphones and tablets. After the app has been activated and loaded on the mobile devices, you simply assign the desired training topics to the respective persons. They can then access them practically anywhere and directly on site and are thus always up to date.

Can my employees also be trained on the subject of mouth protection while on the move?

Currently, sam® already supports around 30 languages; additional languages can be supplied on special request. In addition, secova is the first provider on the market to offer speech output technology in its system. This makes it possible to generate high-quality audio data from training texts without the need for a speaker.

Does sam® also offer support for employees with language/comprehension problems?

This can be achieved with an effective effectiveness check. A sophisticated system of questions checks whether the knowledge transfer was actually successful and then confirms this.

How can I be sure that my employees have really understood everything about mouth protection and all other topics?

Working in a pandemic means that direct personal contact is to be avoided as far as possible – this also includes personal instructions. However, with the sam® occupational health and safety system, employees can easily carry out almost all of their instructions electronically, even in the home office, despite the pandemic.

Keeping your distance, home office, online meetings... - can I still carry out instructions at all?

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