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Compliance Management Software online

Compliance management and training software online

Compliance Management online Software from secova: Legal obligations delegated in a simple and understandable way compliance management and leads to a reduction of legal risks while at the same time increasing legal security for companies, supervisors and employees.

Are you looking for an easy solution to create a base for your legal obligations?

sam® facilitates the compliance management and leads to a reduction of legal risks.

Creating a base for the legal obligations and duties is not so easy. Thousands of legal data bases and reference books can be found online nowadays.

But that doesn’t make it any easier. What concrete duties result from legal paragraphs or regulations?
Solely the legal text or recent ruling only help supervisors partly. The increase of the interpretation expenditure has to be taken into account.

Do you need customized, simplified legal duties?

In addition to displaying your legal bases and policies, simplified duties are easily delegated.
After consulting your company, you will receive exact legal bases and policies that are important for your company/industry.

Especially important: supervisors receive clear simplified duties – no verbatim legal texts. Of course, always legally compliant. Especially the integration of legal duties into the centralized sam® Cockpit is a significant improvement!

sam® – Compliance Management – legal compliance at the push of a button

Questions regarding the sam® Compliance Management

Yes! This is done within the scope of setting up your sam® system. Whether a simple import or an automated interface is the right thing for you, we evaluate together.

We already have a legal cadastre, can I adopt this in sam®?




2,6 million+ users prove it a thousand times – every day!

sam® by secova is the leading EHS solution on the market in terms of technology, usability and functionality.

In all matters relating to OSHA, EHS, HR, QM – with sam you have the perfect tool for almost all situations and tasks.

Do not settle for less.

Why? Our reference customers are very happy to tell you.

Talk to us.

Your team from secova.

Start your Compliance Management in a simple and understandable way today!

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Optional additoins:

ehs base system

sam® Base System

The electronic sam® Base System is also an optimal extension.

cockpit dashboard

sam® Cockpit / Dashboard

The electronic sam® Cockpit / Dashboard is also an optimal extension.

incident management, incident tracking

sam® Incident Management

The electronic sam® Incident Management is also an optimal extension.

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