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OSHA Hand Washing - But correctly!


Content of this sam® mini topic:


What should you remember when washing your hands?

How proper handwashing and care can reduce the risk of infection.


Every day, we come into contact with a wide variety of objects and – whether directly or indirectly – with people. For effective protection against pathogens’ transmission, the proper cleaning and care of hands are essential.

But how is it done correctly?

There are several things to consider when it comes to effective handwashing techniques and the time required, drying, disinfecting, and applying lotion.

Proper handwashing is what your employees learn thanks to sam® and its instruction system. Short and compact, but with all the important information.

At the workplace, home office, or via the sam EHS Manager app on mobile devices – sam® can be used practically anywhere.

And thus demonstrably improves occupational health and safety, at any time and also directly on site.

Which individual steps lead to thoroughly washed hands? How much time is needed to remove germs from the skin? What is generally suitable for drying, and what is preferred? How is the skin protected from cracking and drying out? What else should be paid attention to, especially in high virus density and risk of infection?


– The browser-based sam® software knows the answers and makes your employees fit for working safely with up-to-date information. As an employer, you can prove that you fulfill your obligations to instruct even during “contact-reduced times.”

Questions about hand washing and the sam® instruction system

An employer’s instruction obligations in occupational health and safety are extensive and constantly increasing. With the sam® electronic instruction system, you can assign your employees individually only the topics that apply to them. A decisive factor for the high acceptance of our software solution is its ease of use. Because despite its comprehensive functionality, it is as simple to use as an ATM.

A software for instructions - isn't all this much too complicated for my employees?

Definitely – and even demonstrably so. Whether you want to assign new instruction topics due to changed rules and regulations or update risk assessments: All this can be done with just a few clicks and is then documented in an audit-proof manner.

Can EHS software improve occupational health and safety even in the age of Covid-19?

Yes, this is possible with the sam® EHS Manager – our mobile app – and appropriately placed QR codes. The employees can scan these codes with the app and receive the respective training directly on location. For example, QR codes can be placed in all washrooms on the topic of “Washing your hands” – it doesn’t get any easier than that!

Can employees also be trained on "handwashing" on a mobile device directly on-site?

With an effective effectiveness check! The sophisticated questioning system in sam checks whether the knowledge transfer was successful.

How can I be sure that my employees have understood everything about hand hygiene and all other topics?

Working in a pandemic means that direct personal contact has to be avoided as much as possible – this also includes training and instructions. With the sam® occupational health and safety system, employees can easily carry out almost all of their instructions electronically, even in the home office, despite the pandemic.

Social distancing, home office, online meetings - can I still carry out instructions at all?

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