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EHS online software and training by sam® EHS Base System

EHS online software sam training online

sam® EHS Base System EHS online Software from secova: The ideal tool for interactive knowledge management

The best EHS sam training software online system on the market. With sam® you can organize, document and perfect your operational instruction and training course system.

Over 2,600,000 satisfied users at 1,000+ customers!

Are you looking for an efficient and effective form of knowledge transfer?

Is high legal certainty and audit-proof documentation important to you? If so, sam® is the ideal EHS online Software tool for you.

Conducting and manually recording training courses can be a complex, time-consuming but important task.

Perfect your training, qualification and certification process with sam®!

Encourage your supervisors to be active in the training course process!

Perfect your training course and seminar process with sam® and our EHS software!

sam® allows you to display your entire company’s structure including employee responsibilities with just a few clicks. Included in your sam® license are 80+ training courses with content that can be easily edited with the sam® integrated content editor.

You can also upload your own training courses and easily record revision-safe qualifications and product trainings.

Auditors are happy about that!

sam® EHS online Software Base System – proven a million times!

Questions regarding the sam® EHS Software Base System

The abbreviation EHS stands in companies for the English words Environment, Health and Safety. In German as Umweltschutz, Gesundheitsschutz und Arbeitsschutz.

Beginning with the term “environment”, this area is a foundation for green systems by examining how current conditions affect the man-made and natural environment. “Health” looks at the holistic interaction of humans with their environment and encompasses all aspects of human well-being from social, cultural, biological to mental health. Finally, there is “safety,” an often overlooked aspect of EHS that deals with reducing risks to the natural and man-made environment through prevention and mitigation measures so that people can live healthy lives in a safe environment.

In this context, the term “EHS department” is also increasingly used in German companies when, for example, the occupational health and safety department is to be named. In this context, the abbreviation is now used in a variety of ways.

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What does EHS and EHS Software mean?

We use a combination of facts, text, pictures, animations and videos, as well as voice output to provide diversified and effective content. Additionally, we regularly embed interactive elements in our training courses to increase the attentiveness of the employees. An ideal learning mix is implemented in sam® by using test questions and other psychological principles of learning as well as findings from cognition research.

How is the eLearning content in sam® structured?

Employees without a permanently assigned workstation are often trained at terminals or collective workstations. In many cases, separate rooms are created for training purposes, or tablets are made available to conduct the training courses. Information to employees without own email address is provided via summarized lists and training plans for the relevant managers.

How are employees without a fixed workstation trained?

Many years of experience have shown that it can make sense to start with the sam® EHS Base System. Within only a few days you assign the necessary training courses to your employees and you have 100% of your staff “on board”. Further modules can then be rolled out efficiently step-by-step without the need for extensive training. From a purely technical point of view, however, it is not necessary to use the sam® EHS Base System for the rollout of other modules.

Does the EHS Base System has to be introduced to use other modules?

Yes, you can also create your own content, training courses, texts and much more directly with sam®. No other software or even programming knowledge is required. sam® offers comprehensive options for integrating multimedia data. Videos, animations, MP3 but also non-media files such as PowerPoint, Word, Excel and PDF files can be easily embedded or imported (the same applies to SCORM-compatible content). By the way, sam® is the first eLearning system on the market which enables you to achieve voice output of your content as far as possible automatically and in excellent quality. We would be pleased to present everything else to you in a personal meeting.

Can you also insert own content, files and multimedia data in sam®?

When delivered, you have access to a large number of German and English training courses. Should you require additional languages, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Are the training courses multilingual?

No. During development, we have consistently avoided security-critical plugins or costly to install add-ons for your browser. With our latest JS technology, we are one of the first companies in this field to enable web based comfort effects without additional installations at the workplace. Drag & Drop, context menus, etc. are perfectly integrated in sam®. In this, we are leading. Only JavaScript is necessary. If qualified, electronic signatures are required, such as in waste management according to NachwV, JavaScript is additionally required.

Are plugins (Active X, Java or others) necessary?

During the development of the app we attached great importance to offline functionalities. If you capture situations offline, they will be synchronized with your system the next time you receive WIFI or mobile network.

Are there also offline functions in the app?

Secova Software is a company that has developed HSE software (also known as EHS) that almost completely automates HSE compliance.

Companies today need to comply with HSE standards as it has a direct impact on their competitiveness and customer satisfaction. Secova HSE Software has pioneered the development of such efficient software that simplifies the entire process of establishing EHS compliance.

HSE Software from Secova – test it now!

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What does HSE and HSE Software mean?

Occupational Health & Safety is the term used to describe a workplace that is designed, maintained and operated to prevent injury or illness.

One of the main goals of these rules is to ensure that deterioration in employee performance caused by time pressure – rather than an inherent error in the process steps being performed – does not result in injury.

One way to accomplish this is to use work planning or health and safety software such as Secova health and safety software online, which helps organizations and companies manage projects through visual modeling methods. For example, it can help identify project risks based on past experience or undesirable changes in the project’s state. It also helps to identify, check, verify dependencies between different activities and plan their sequence for optimal use of time.

Get to know Secova’s occupational safety and health software online now.

What is occupational health & safety and what can occupational health & safety software help with?

Occupational health and safety and related workplace safety software are programs that can monitor workplace safety, provide employers with continuous insight into the health of their employees, and provide alerts about potential risks.

Secova’s Occupational Health and Safety Software is an integrated suite of applications for monitoring compliance with occupational health and safety regulations. Its modules provide companies with a holistic approach to managing their employees’ daily activity levels related to occupational safety.

Occupational safety software additionally enables you to identify occupational safety deficiencies before they become accidents or major problems. Aside from just preventing workplace accidents, it can also significantly reduce financial costs.

Get to know the occupational safety software online from Secova now.

What is occupational safety and health software?

Start your EHS Management in a simple and understandable way today!

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