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OSHA Infection Protection - Useful Information


Content of this sam® training course :

  • Pathogen types
  • Transmission routes
  • Protective measures  – in general
  • Hygiene rules
  • Covid 19
  • Ebola, MERS
  • HIV, Hepatits
  • Typhus, Cholera, EHEC,
  • Malaria, FSME, Borreliosis
  • Ill – And now?


How can I protect myself and others best?

What infectious diseases are there and what are the symptoms?

Although the number of different types of pathogens and transmission routes is high, the general rules of hygiene and behavior (such as for influenza) basically apply.

These include, above all, keeping your distance, avoiding direct contact and careful (hand) hygiene. In regions where there is a risk, it is also important to take special care with water and (raw) food, and to take the necessary external and internal protective measures. But what else should you pay attention to?

And what should you do if you suddenly feel ill? What are the typical signs of infection or transmission, and how should (potentially) ill persons behave correctly?

Exactly for this purpose, sam® provides all important information and the necessary support for your employees with its instruction system. Clear, concisely summarized and with clear behavioral guidelines. And practically everywhere, because the system is available to users not only at the workplace, but also in the home office and even mobile via app.

The result: thanks to innovative effectiveness control, demonstrably more knowledge and improved protection!

What can trigger an infection? What are the possible routes of infection? How do I behave correctly in everyday life? What should be observed for optimal hand hygiene? What are the most common infectious and parasitic diseases, what are the symptoms and where do they appear? What to do in case of corresponding signs? –

The topic of “infection protection” is very extensive and complex

Well-prepared, easy-to-understand information that is available everywhere ensures the best defense. This is exactly what our browser-based solution system offers you – comprehensive and verifiable knowledge transfer “online” even in times of necessary contact restrictions. With sam®, you always have your ideal tool for maintaining your duty to instruct.

Questions about infection protection with the sam® instruction system

Yes, with a browser-based instruction system such as sam® this is also possible at any time – flexible in terms of time and location, as is best in times of “home schooling”. And with the EHS Manager app, sam® can also be used anywhere on smartphones and tablets.

Can I carry out my briefings from home?

Of course – as in the case of a “flu wave,” for example, in addition to the AHA rules (keep your distance, wash your hands, wear respiratory protection), direct contact with people (e.g., shaking hands) and large gatherings of people should be avoided. Proper coughing/sneezing, improved hand hygiene and care, and regular ventilation also reduce the risk of infection.

Do the general hygiene and behavioral rules also initially apply to new infectious diseases such as Corona?

Yes – with sam® you always keep an eye on everything important.  In addition to generally valid rules and recommendations, you can also use sam® to provide targeted information on current occasions (outbreak of infection, travel abroad…): Are my employees informed about the necessary protective measures, what is the current training status, is there a need for action? – All this information is available at any time – clearly arranged and always up-to-date.

Does sam® also support the executives in the topic of infection control?

This can be achieved with an effective effectiveness check. A sophisticated questioning system checks whether the knowledge transfer was actually successful and confirms this afterwards.

How can I be sure that my employees have really understood all the information?

Working in acute danger (e.g. due to a pandemic) means that direct personal contact must be avoided as far as possible in order to minimize risk – this then also includes personal instructions. With the sam® occupational health and safety system, you can easily handle almost all your instructions electronically, even in your home office, despite a pandemic.

How can sam® contribute to my protection in case of increased risk of infection?

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