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Idea Management Software online

idea management software online

Idea Management online software from secova: Create an idea in just a few seconds!

Your employees contribute significantly to the success of your company. Encourage and support their improvement potential with this well thought-out solution.

This sam® module is the perfect tool for a company suggestion scheme and enables a higher overall participation compared to conventional systems.

Are you planning on introducing an internal idea management tool or do you already have one in place?

sam® is a useful tool to support you actively implementing an Idea Management Process.

In many companies, it is a difficult task to handle and track suggestions for improvement. Additionally paper and form management can prove to be a tedious and complicated task. A software as an isolated solution is not usually an ideal and often is confusing to your employees.

sam® takes a new path and leads automatically to a higher utilization rate. The system is as easy to use as an ATM but equipped with a variety of opportunities.

Facilitate the registration, evaluation and action tracking!

Thanks to the perfect interaction with the sam® EHS base system, you can collect proposals like never before!

Your employees discover a new faster way to hand in ideas and proposals.

This process from suggestion to implementation keeps everything transparent which leads to a higher acceptance rate among your employees. Additionally process workflows, email notifications, and evaluations are created with just a mouse click.

sam® Idea Management – Suggestions & Co.

Questions regarding the sam® Idea Management

In addition to the various automatic email notifications for submitters, managers and idea committee, the system offers freely definable target times, so that escalation processes can also be used. Even the best idea management is useless if the ideas are not processed.

What email options does the system offer?

Use the sam® EHS Manager App for the mobile recording of suggestions and ideas. Your employees are not allowed to use a smartphone? No problem! Install a tablet in the work area and use sam® in kiosk mode.

Can ideas be recorded via app?

The sam® Idea Management has a wide range of decentralized usage options. We would be pleased to present the different variants to you in a personal presentation.

Can workflows be used for editing?

Yes! Transparency in the process is very important to us. Employees have the opportunity to view the status of the submitted idea at any time. If necessary, you can also grant access to ideas submitted by colleagues.

Can employees view the status of the idea at any time?

Optional additions:

incident management, incident tracking

sam® Incident Management

The electronic sam® Incident Management is also an optimal extension.

Hazardous Substances Management

sam® Hazardous Substances

The electronic sam® Hazardous Substances is also an optimal extension.

ehs base system

sam® Base System

The electronic sam® Base System is also an optimal extension.

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