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Incident Software Management and Incident training from secova: Incident, accident and near-miss recording

The best way to document and track your first aid book entries, accidents and even near-miss incidents. No other system on the market offers this ease of use.

Are you looking for an easy solution to track incidents and accidents?
sam® is an easy tool for your employees to track incidents.
The days of illegible or incomplete paper logs are gone. The demand for data security can also be guaranteed optimally with this module.

The opportunity of company-wide reporting is particularly beneficial.

Automated email notifications always inform the correct group of participants.
At the push of a button, you are able to recognize accident focal points and carry out root cause analysis.

You wish to report incidents on the spot?

Use our app, the sam® EHS Manager, to report unsafe conditions, incidents and near misses promptly.

The structured recording is a difficult and exhausting process. Without sam®, capturing 100% of the near misses is almost impossible.

With the mobile option you provide the best and easiest way for your employees to report unsafe conditions.

sam® – Incident Management – recording incidents, accidents and near misses

Questions regarding the sam® Incident Management software and training

sam® Incident Management allows you to flexibly create incident types or events. While in many cases the start is made via the electronic dressing book, further individual incident types are created by our customers over time. Incidents and incidents are thus quickly recorded at the push of a button and the relevant employees are informed by e-mail.

What types of incidents can be recorded via sam?

Our app – the sam® EHS Manager also enables you to record incidents on the move. Even if no mobile network is available – the offline recording with subsequent synchronisation is your optimal mobile help.

Can incidents also be recorded by mobile devices?

The sam® Incident Management offers a multitude of individually configurable e-mail notifications. Automatically inform different groups of participants for further processing depending on the type of incident, severity or category.

What e-mail functionalities does the module offer?




2,6 million+ users prove it a thousand times – every day!

sam® by secova is the leading EHS solution on the market in terms of technology, usability and functionality.

In all matters relating to OSHA, EHS, HR, QM – with sam you have the perfect tool for almost all situations and tasks.

Do not settle for less.

Why? Our reference customers are very happy to tell you.

Talk to us.

Your team from secova.

Start your Incident Software Management in a simple and understandable way today!

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