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Learning Management Software: The electronic training course topics of secova

In this list you find an excerpt of over 250 training course topics and safety instructions, which we make available to our sam® users/secova customers free of charge.

By the way, you can adjust the training courses individually. With sam®, the training course system of secova, this is very easy and does not require any programming.

Of course, you can also easily integrate your own slides, e-learning content or others via Power Point, PDF, Flash or SCORM interfaces into sam®.

workers talking and laughing at a factory

Health & Safety at Work – In General

In the general section, you find training courses that deal with hazards, associated protective measures and background knowledge. These can occur in all areas such as lone working, permits, skin protection, noise, maternity protection or safety labelling.

27 Training Courses

wooden tool box at work close upEquipment

What obligations do employers have regarding the equipment provided and how can it be used safely? In this series of courses,  you can find out about the correct use of equipment such as scaffolding, ladders, shelves, gas cylinders and tools.

28 Training Courses

Thai people in the conflagration preventive extinguisher training program, Safety concept. Focus on fire trayExplosion Protection

Fire and explosion protection saves lives. Every year, around 3,500 occupational accidents occur as a result of fires and explosions.

The training courses on fire and explosion protection explain how to behave correctly in the event of a fire and how to avoid explosions.

7 Training Courses

office with office equipmentOffice

What are the risks when working in an office?This series informs you about the risks in the office and at computer workstations. It focuses on the correct adjustment of desks, office chairs and screens to avoid and prevent back pain and headaches.

4 Training Courses

electrical workElectrical topics

Are you aware of all the risks that can arise from electricity and electrical equipment?
In this series, you will find instructions on the correct use of electricity, the 5 safety rules for electricians, safe working with electrical equipment and many more.

9 Training Courses

Pile of documents with Occupational Safety and Health Administration OSHA.


In this section, you will find our portfolio of training courses in  accordance with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) law and regulations. OSHA sets and enforces protective workplace safety and health standards in the USA.

118 Training Courses



Around 400 million tonnes of waste are produced in Germany every year. This series of courses deals with the prevention, separation and correct disposal of waste of all kinds, such as glass, paper, construction waste, hazardous waste, batteries and electrical equipment.

5 Training Courses

first aid

First Aid

First aid can save lives, but do you remember how to provide first aid?

The training course series “First Aid” refreshes the topic and explains your duties, how the rescue chain works and what measures you must take to help with different injuries.

3 Training Courses

hazardous goodsHazardous Goods

Every year, 350 million tons of hazardous goods are transported in Germany. Even small accidents can cause life-threatening injuries. In addition to a general course on the transport of dangerous goods, there are special training courses for all persons involved, such as the sender or packer.

6 Training Courses

hazardous substances

Hazardous Substances

Do you know how to handle hazardous substances correctly? Whether flammable, irritant, corrosive, toxic, explosive, oxidizing or environmentally hazardous substances: take advantage of this series of trainings in addition to the verbal instructions for an intensive knowledge transfer.

28 Training Courses

Preparation of mushroom pizza closeupHygiene and Food

Hygiene in food processing is the basis for flawless quality food – no one wants spoiled food. With these instructions, we inform you about personal hygiene and food/kitchen hygiene.

2 Training Courses

infection protection

Infection Protection

Risk of infection? No thanks! In this series, you find training courses informing on the most common infections, transmission routes and protective measures.
There is an additional training course according to the infection protection for the  food processing sector.

4 Training Courses

Young woman working with liquids in glassware

Laboratory and Medicine

Would you like to know how to work safely in the laboratory? The courses in this category provide you with detailed information on hazards and protective measures with regard to laboratories, needle stick injuries, cytostatic drugs, etc.

6 Training Courses



With the help of our templates, you can create your own, company-specific training courses with just a few clicks. We offer templates for, i.e. operating instructions, initial briefings, external companies, compliance and interaction with visitors.

7 Training Courses

personal protective equipment

PPE – Personal Protective Equipment

In this series, you will receive information on what equipment is available and when it should be used. In addition to two general courses, you will find special courses on breathing protection, eye protection and protection against falls from a height.

5 Training Courses

Geiger counter with radioactive materials in the background

Radiation Protection

In the first part of the series,  you receive information on what ionising radiation is and why it is a health hazard. The second part deals with the protective measures taken by the employer and how you can protect yourself properly against ionising radiation.

2 Training Courses

safety activities


How can I perform my job safely? This series deals with many different activities, their dangers and protective measures. Whether working on construction sites, lifting and carrying loads, welding or cleaning work – here you will find the suitable training for your job.

32 Training Courses

Business Growth ConceptEnvironmental Protection

Environmentally friendly behaviour in the workplace is becoming more and more important. These training courses explain how you can be environmentally friendly at the workplace. The focus areas include energy saving, emission control and water protection.

3 Training Courses

traffic and transportationTraffic and Transport

This series deals with the safe participation in road traffic and the safe operation of vehicles such as bicycles and cars. Another focus is the correct transport and securing of loads. Here you find the correct training, whether for forklift, pallet truck or truck.

20 Training Courses


Useful Information

This range of topics includes a mix of training courses that play a role in performance of the job and information for the employees, i.e.equal treatment, data protection, quality management and intercultural competence.

23 Training Courses

scan to train

Mini and Optional Topics

In this section, you find on the one hand short training courses that inform directly on the spot by scanning a QC code, for example on correct hand washing. On the other hand, you will receive optional training courses that can be conducted a voluntary basis, for example on healthy food.

8 Training Courses

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