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Cockpit / Dashboard Software online

Cockpit manager software online

Cockpit / Dashboard online Software from Secova: A compact overview of all important facts at the touch of a button

Use the sam® Cockpit to have an overview of all company critical information in the areas of EHS, QM and much more at any time. All essential areas of the company are analysed and visualised largely automatically.

Are you looking for an optimal overview for all supervisors?

Provide your supervisors with the perfect tool to fulfil their responsibilities.

All relevant information is summarized for you automatically. After logging in, you receive an overview that will allow you to assign concrete actions quickly. Additionally, sam® recognizes issues and points them out. 

Regardless if it is about pen training courses, accident statistics, or actions regarding your last audit, the cockpit is the central overview for all supervisors.

Integrate your action tracking in sam®!

Endless word/excel files and unprocessed action lists are things of the past with sam®.

Action management is an integral part of the sam® cockpit. Regardless of whether it is a measure from the risk assessment, an accident, an audit of the idea management – the sam® Cockpit provides a central overview and priorities efficiently the processing of measures.

Even a nesting of measures, i.e. within a project, is possible with just a few clicks.

sam® – Cockpit / Dashboard – the complete overview!

Questions regarding the sam® Cockpit

Yes, you can create any number of actions in your dashboard and assign them to your colleagues. The dashboard also gives you a constant overview of the status of your tasks and those assigned to your employees. Like this, you can always keep an eye on everything.

Can actions be created in the dashboard?

The dashboard is designed for all supervisors. Strictly according to the respective responsibilities, everything is presented at a glance.

Is the Cockpit/Dashboard only designed for administrators?

The dashboard also shows you as a manager proactively hints and anomalies of your area of responsibility. Do you have employees without training assignments or incidents that are still unresolved? Inspections which are about to expire? sam® automatically points this out to you!

Do I get proactive hints in the dashboard?

Optional additions:

ehs base system

sam® Base System

The electronic sam® Base System is also an optimal extension.

risk assessment, operating instructions

sam® Risk Assessment

The sam® Risk Assessment is also an optimal extension.

incident management, incident tracking

sam® Incident Management

The electronic sam® Incident Management is also an optimal extension.

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