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Gatekeeper Software online

Gatekeeper training and software online

Gatekeeper online Software from secova: Effective communication of security rules – also for your external staff!

This well thought-out module enables you to record, instruct and document your visitors, contractors and suppliers.

You can see at a glance who is currently on your premises. Your visitors can carry out the necessary instructions via the Internet or on site, i.e. at the reception.

Are you looking for an optimal transfer of safety regulations for external partners?

If handing out safety information is not enough, the sam® Gatekeeper module is the right choice for you.

Make sure that your contractors, visitors and partners receive exactly the information to conduct their tasks.

Both via web application or on-site at the entrance, sam® provides the exact information needed for the visit – including effectiveness checks!

Like that, the degree of effective knowledge transfer increases, the legal certainty increases the accident rate decreases!

Always keep track of visitors and activities at your company!

Use the additional module, the sam® Gatekeeper, as an overview of all visitors and job tasks at your company site.

With this module, your employees can register visitors and the work of external companies.  Attendances can be recorded before or after the visit.

Visitor badges can be defined individually and allow a fast identification at the company site.

sam® – Gatekeeper – contractor and visitor module

Questions regarding the sam® Gatekeeper

Yes, you can choose from a large number of different visitor badges. Your desired badge is not included? No problem – please contact us.

Can visitor badges be created?

Both, visitor pre-registrations and work assignments of external companies are quickly recorded. Thanks to the sam® Gatekeeper, your gate always has an eye on the number of visitors.

Can pre-registrations / work assignments be created?

Yes, you decide whether you provide specific training content for the various visitor groups, including effectiveness monitoring.

Can different groups of visitors be specifically trained?

Definitely – and this should be your goal. Like this,  you minimize traffic jams at the gate, where you should still have a visitor terminal. Because: As a rule, it is unlikely to reach all visitors in advance.

Can the instruction via web take place before the visit?

The optional additional module, the sam® Gatekeeper, will be happy to help you carry out a presence check. An attendance list is available in the mobile sam® EHS Manager – incl. evacuation notification for the assembly point.

Can an attendance list be kept?

Optional additions:

incident management, incident tracking

sam® Incident Management

The electronic sam® Incident Management is also an optimal extension.

risk assessment, operating instructions

sam® Risk Assessment

The sam® Risk Assessment is also an optimal extension.

ehs base system

sam® Base System

The electronic sam® Base System is also an optimal extension.

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