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Documentation Management Software online

Documentation management software online

The Documentation Management online Software from secova: All documents at the right place!

Use the sam® Documentation Management as the perfect supplement for your EHS base system. Documents can be made available to specific locations or presented automatically at regular intervals.

You are looking for an easy solution to create your legal data base?

Is the possibility for central filing important to you? Easy access to documents as well? Then sam® is the ideal tool!

Sometimes, there are already document filing systems in place. However, central access for every employee in the organization is often an issue.

Use sam® with ingenious simple handling and be able to involve every single employee. Even inexperienced employees will quickly be able to find their training courses and other relevant documents for their respective job.

Perfect your documentation system with sam®.

Use sam® as central platform for training courses, information and documents!

You can integrate documents into your sam® system in no time. Decide whether you want to release these documents for specific locations for optional viewing or have them automatically presented to selected employees at regular intervals.
Combined with effective efficiency control, you always have everything recorded in an audit-proof manner.

Managers and auditors will be happy!

sam® Documentation Management  – all documents at the right place!

Questions regarding the sam® Documentation Management

Yes, with just one click you can define the interval and automatically present the documents to your employee

Can documents be assigned at intervals?

Yes! Revision safety is ver important in all of our functional modules.

Does sam® help with audit-proof filing?

The combination of sam® EHS Base System and sam® Documentation Management is so charming because your employees have a place to access instructions and documents. Whether you only activate documents for ad hoc access or have them presented at intervals – this is up to you!

Why is the combination with the sam® EHS Base System so charming?

Optional additions:

ehs base system

sam® Base System

The electronic sam® Base System is also an optimal extension.

risk assessment, operating instructions

sam® Risk Assessment

The sam® Risk Assessment is also an optimal extension.

ehs manager app

sam® EHS Manager App

The mobile sam® EHS Manager App is also an optimal extension.

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