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Inspection Logbook Software online


Inspection Logbook online Software from secova: Mobile documentation of inspections and checklists


The ideal management and documentation for systems and equipment subject to mandatory inspections in the company.

With this flexible tool, the recording, inventory and tracking of your objects and inspection periods is enormously simplified.

Are you looking for a central overview of incoming inspections?

Integrate your regular inspections in your sam® system and let it remind you of upcoming inspection periods.

It is still common to use endless excel sheets, access data bases or complex maintenance systems like the one of SAP to register and track work equipment that is subject to mandatory testing.

The result: Unsufficient functionality or comlicated handling. Here sam® comes into play – ingeniously easy and 100% flexible.

Inventory, inspection or tracking of different object types can be done easily.

Use our app to record due maintenances!

Record your inspections, check lists, etc. immediately on-site – with the sam® EHS Manager in your pocket.

As the documentation of conducted inspections is difficult on-site with the laptop, there is a mobile, electronic data capture option via sam® app. Ingeniously easy to handle- via QR code and scan. By scanning self- generated QR codes, you can record and check the status immediately on-site. The manual, difficult transfer via paper sheet into excel is no longer required. A link to “iBeacon” is possible as well.

sam® – Inspection Logbook – Planning, checking, recording

Questions regarding the sam® Inspection Logbook

With the mobile app – the sam® EHS Manager, tests, inspections, maintenance etc. can also be recorded quickly and efficiently on a mobile device.

Can examinations also be recorded on a mobile device?

Inspections of any kind can be stored with optional checklists, which are also available in the mobile version.

Can own checklists be created?

In the sam® Inspection Logbook you can easily link your test objects with QR Code or iBeacon (electronic Bluetooth lighthouse) so that they can then be recorded by the mobile app – the sam® EHS Manager.

How can QR Code or iBeacon help?

Yes, you can define individual lead times, which you can use to inform the respective auditors in good time.

Does sam® automatically remind you of due examinations?

Optional additions:

ehs base system

sam® Base System

The electronic sam® Base System is also an optimal extension.

risk assessment, operating instructions

sam® Risk Assessment

The sam® Risk Assessment is also an optimal extension.

compliance management, legal database

sam® Compliance Management

The electronic sam® Compliance Management is also an optimal extension.

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