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Hazardous Substances Management Software online

REACH management and training software online

Hazardous Substance Management online Software from secova: Central hazardous substance directory – at the push of a button!

Manage all your substances with this Fully Integrated module. Both hazardous and non-hazardous substances can be easily recorded and managed. The documentation of safety data sheets, operating instructions and quantity data is also easier with sam®.

Do you need a central directory of all work equipment and hazardous substances?

sam® Hazardous Substances Management supports you in creating a centralised directory as well as in evaluating hazards. The integrated TSCA concept offers an efficient, standardised way to determine protective measures.

Safety data sheets are managed efficiently and operating instructions can be derived and created easily.

And the best: You are providing the most important information to your employees thanks to an easy assignment process.

Use the mobile app to spread the information in the company!

With the sam® EHS Manager , you make the information available to all the employees.

Whether in kiosk mode or flexible in your pocket (smartphone or tablet) display the necessary information like safety data sheets or operating instructions at the workplace.

The mobile app also supports you in creating risk assessments.

sam® – Hazardous Substances Management – Safely manage substances and hazardous materials

Questions regarding to the sam® Hazardous Substances Management

With hazard assessment software as well as risk assessment software, you perform, for example, an analysis of security threats in a company’s existing infrastructure, identifies potential risks to the company, and can identify early on how these risks can be mitigated.

Secova’s risk assessment and hazard evaluation software provides organizations with a method to get to the root cause of issues that arise at all levels, examining connections between seemingly unrelated events and problems to identify potential future risks.

In addition, Secova hazard assessment software helps prevent business-critical situations. Secova’s hazard assessment software also supports issue tracking, so organizations know where their assets are at all times and can ensure compliance with laws.

Learn more about hazard assessment software from Secova now.

What does hazard assessment mean and what is hazard assessment software for?

The Hazardous Substances module is based on the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA).  sam® guides you through the assessment of hazardous substances.

TSCA in the Hazardous Substances Module?

sam® is your tool for the comfortable conversion of safety data sheets into understandable operating instructions and offers various comfort functions. You alone determine the layout of the operating instructions. In addition, you can guarantee each employee access to the documents relevant for the activity and workplace.

Can operating instructions be created?

You can create and process release workflows flexibly and individually in your sam® system.

Are there release processes?

A “safety data sheet” can be a single Excel spreadsheet or an entire collection of safety data sheets stored as web pages or in safety data sheets software.

Secova is an innovative, award-winning software package for creating and managing Safety Data Sheets (SDS). It provides companies with easy access to SDS information for material handling and preparation tasks across multiple sites.

If you’re looking to replace your SDS management system with something user-friendly that you can update from anywhere, anytime, look no further than Secova Material Safety Data Sheets Software.

Learn more about our Secova safety data sheets software here.

What are safety data sheets and why does safety data sheet software help?

Optional additions:

incident management, incident tracking

sam® Incident Management

The electronic sam® Incident Management is also an optimal extension.

idea management, suggestion scheme, reporting

sam® Idea Management

The electronic sam® Idea Management is also an optimal extension.

ehs base system

sam® Base System

The electronic sam® Base System is also an optimal extension.

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