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What does EHS and EHS Software mean?

The abbreviation EHS stands in companies for the English words Environment, Health and Safety. In German as Umweltschutz, Gesundheitsschutz und Arbeitsschutz.

Beginning with the term “environment”, this area is a foundation for green systems by examining how current conditions affect the man-made and natural environment. “Health” looks at the holistic interaction of humans with their environment and encompasses all aspects of human well-being from social, cultural, biological to mental health. Finally, there is “safety,” an often overlooked aspect of EHS that deals with reducing risks to the natural and man-made environment through prevention and mitigation measures so that people can live healthy lives in a safe environment.

In this context, the term “EHS department” is also increasingly used in German companies when, for example, the occupational health and safety department is to be named. In this context, the abbreviation is now used in a variety of ways.

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