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TUV Certification Risk Assessment Software: Compliant with the standard and safe with sam® Risk Assessment - online at

TUV MOT certification risk assessment

TUV MOT certification risk assessment

What is the reason for the TUV Certification Risk Assessment and what does it mean for sam® users?

As part of its continuous improvement process, secova regularly updates and expands its modular EHS solution system sam®.  The sam® Risk Assessment (like all the other functional modules of sam®) is not a finished product, but rather a continuously developing process.  As a result, this process delivers, in certain intervals, corresponding adjustments to the single modules that are then incorporated in the regular sam® updates.

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TUV Thuringia conducted a certification procedure to examine the process quality and standard conformity of the sam® Risk Assessment from secova. TUV was able to determine the audit goal – the “effectiveness of the process for creating risk assessments” – and therefore subsequently certify the successful TUV certification. “The reviewed management system”, summarizes the TUV, “is related as fully effective in accordance with the underlying standard requirements.”


How exactly does the development process for the sam® Risk Assessment module work?

Do I have a suitable tool at my disposal for a standard-compliant Risk Assessment that meets all legal requirements with this electronic solution?

These were the key questions that the TUV inspectors examined in their assessment. The result of the audit: The sam® Risk Assessment passed the TUV certification without any deficiency!


Examination of the functional module of secova's EHS software: Fully compliant and effective

The review of the individual steps and processes did not reveal any deviations (neither critical nor non-critical). On the contrary, the auditors highlight several positive aspects. These include a “high level of maturity of the management system” and the “exemplary working environment and organizational structures”.

The “fully digitized, paperless process flows” and the “core process development based on professional project management” was also praised.

Investigating and verifying the quality of the process at specific development phases. This was the task of the testers from TUV Thuringia. Up to the investigation period, the project “further development of the sam® Risk Assessment” had already been continuously pushed. The gradual release of individual development results is followed by various test phases. Afterwards, there is the final release to provide the update to the users. The TUV retraced this process flow with the update 5.12.1: “In execution, stopped, testing, ready for approval, test summary, corresponding tickets and responsibilities, everything fully electronic (no paper-based documentation) final self-check (04.02.)“ The entire revision process was inspected.

TÜV Zertifizierung mit Testbericht über Gefährdungsbeurteilung

Risk Assessment with modern technology

The developers at secova have substantiated and expanded the process quality of the sam® Risk Assessment by adding essential aspects. These include:

  • Expansion of selectable work equipment
  • Expansion of selectable risk factors
  • Maintenance of user specific individually definable inspections (not event-related) new: Adjustable as interval (separate window)
  • Design of an electronic release process, release tool with reminder function to update the Risk Assessment (automated or individually selectable)
  • Application of the risk matrix including legend, history of the indication and implementation of measures
  • Extension of the role assignment: New role “Person qualified for audits”
  • Introduction of a plausibility check (final self-check), as a mandatory component before the implementation of the Risk Assessment

sam® Risk Assessment integrates legal foundations  

secova is currently rolling out “the new sam®” with a fresh, clearer design, further optimized functions, and the very latest software architecture. The “new” sam® Risk Assessment contains two further main features: secova now integrates the legal foundations of various aspects of risk assessment into the Risk Assessment module – as a PDF or as a direct link to the source.

These include:

  • Guideline Risk Assessment and documentation
  • Guideline to the industrial safety regulations  LV35
  • Catalogue of fines to the industrial safety regulations LV 62

The delivered standards, regulations, etc. are also updated in the event of relevant changes. The Risk Assessment admin can then decide whether the changes must be accepted for his operation and viewed again.

These features bring various small improvements with them. These include:

  • Inheritance of templates on work equipment
  • Write protection for risk factors
  • Management tool for managing current and past revisions of risk factors

When preparing a Risk Assessment, sam® users are now also referred to possible organizational culpability (training culpability, selection culpability, monitoring culpability) from the catalogue of fines for the Industrial Safety Regulations LV62 in order to avoid criminal offences. For the protection of employees and other persons against hazards in the vicinity of installations subject to monitoring, companies must ensure that appropriate measures are taken.

Extensive audit area includes 21 audit test points

For the certification, TUV Thuringia analyzed extensively the functional module Risk Assessment. Auditors listed 21 different aspects of the sam® Risk Assessment in their audit report – these are the main statements: 

  1. ” LASI guidelines on the Occupational Safety and Health Strategy (GDA)” serves as the basis for initiating and implementing the risk assessment
  2. “Organizational structures” can be represented individually and differentiated in sam®, workplaces and activities with similar working conditions or hazards can be combined meaningfully.
  3. “Definitions of responsibilities” individually by the user, with option to create activity profiles and assign rights
  4. Appropriately appointing “authorized persons” is a standard checklist item in the plausibility check
  5. “Liability and risk protection” – User is advised on the obligation (according to Industrial Safety Regulations) to protect against risks
  6. “Qualifications and personal competence of the responsible and authorized persons” can be taken into account
  7. “Competence maintenance” is supported by sam® for example by training management and verification management and storage of electronic documents
  8. “Particularly vulnerable persons” can be considered and individually defined
  9. “External company deployment and contractors” – Their activities can be managed and integrated in sam® within the Risk Assessment
  10. “Work equipment, work processes and working materials” – various forms of inclusion, recording and management – ideal link with the sam® module “Hazardous Substances Management”
  11. “Description of work processes”:
    sam® offers the user the prerequisites to display individual and differentiated organizational structures and the activities carried out there. The user is responsible for the work areas and processes to be entered in sam® which form the basis for risk assessments.”
  1. “Collection and consideration of special indicators and key figures” to initiate and update the risk assessment. Ideally in connection with the sam® Incident Management for documentation, initiation and tracking of measures plus effectiveness control in case of accidents, near misses or work-related and occupational diseases.
  2. “Disturbances and deviating operating states” can be taken into account to update the risk assessment. With the sam® modules Incident Management and  Inspection Logbook, incidents can be documented and tracked in accordance with data protection regulations
  3. “Documentation and filing organization risk assessment” accessible at any time and adjustable depending on the extent. System contains electronic and traceable release process, changes and version statuses are clearly identifiable
  4. “Legal, occupational and official regulations” are taken into account – including regular updates – and provided to the users in the “training room”
  5. “Risk Assessment prior to first use of work equipment” is taken into account by sam®
  6. “Inspection of work equipment and recurring inspections” are also possible in sam®. Every work equipment can be stored and evaluated in sam® (incl. operating instruction), inspection intervals can be set individually. sam® Inspection Logbook as optional extension
  7. “State of the art, occupational medicine, hygiene and scientific knowledge” always up-to-date, the audit proved the continuous professional input of changes
  8. “Implementation and effectiveness control for occupational health and safety measures”  – With the tool “Measure Management” the initiator, person responsible, implementer and controller can be defined individually for each measure. The overall process is documented in a comprehensive way, from recording to effectiveness control.
  9. “Reaction to changes in operational circumstances” – the process displayed in  sam® takes the criteria for corresponding updates into account
  10. “Information chain and employee information” can be individually set and triggered by the user, via email or dashboard

TUV Thuringia certification - sam®-Risk Assessment

Against the background of these extensive expansions, secova now had TUV Thuringia assess and certify: The process that a customer follows when creating a Risk Assessment with sam® serves the legal requirements for a Risk Assessment.

The development planning and process flow, the individual process phases (such as reviews and approval steps), the communication structure, and the documentation were examined for the TUV certification.

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