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What does the abbreviation “sam” mean?

Initially, the abbreviation sam stood for “S”-secova “A”-udiovisual “M”itarbeiter (employee) training course.

Since the training possibility with sam® now only represents a small, but very important sub-area of the entire functional scope of sam®, we no longer focus on this explanation (…besides it sounds a bit outdated). 

If you like, you can also translate sam® with “S”-ecova “A”-rbeitsschutz (occupational safety) “M”-anagement. Although this also does not hit the nail on the head.

“S”-afety “A”-lways “M”-atter is another possibility to translate sam®.

Btw, there is a small, sympathetic learning guide that guides the employee through most of the instructions and training courses.

Guess what’s the name of this little guy? – Exactly: Sammy ?

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